Who we are
The OPS Dragon Boat Club was formed in 2002 by Stephen Kwok, Peter Hoy, and Linda Guy, three experienced dragon boat enthusiasts within the OPS. Stephen, Peter, and Linda wanted to introduce other public servants to this growing and exciting water sport. Forming two teams of eager beginners that first summer, the club has since grown to have five teams on the water this year. We are proud to have individuals on each team both from within and outside the OPS.
 Who can join
While many of our members are OPS employees, membership is open to anyone who wants to paddle, regardless of experience, fitness level, age, gender, etc. (however, please consult your physician to determine if any physical or health condition would prevent you from participating in dragon boating safely).  While our crew consists of members from many different backgrounds, we all share the common desire to have fun as a team and work at improving our performance.
Based in Toronto, the OPS Dragon Boat Club (OPSDBC) focuses on introducing people to the sport of dragon boating with an overall goal of fun, health, and wellness, while allowing members to meet and work in a team with people from within and outside of the Ontario Public Service (OPS). Each team strives to introduce and enhance each paddler’s skill throughout the season in a fun and cooperative environment.
 The club today
The OPS Dragon Boat Club is a not-for-profit organization that is completely volunteer-operated.  One of the main goals for the OPSDBC is to maintain registration fees at a cost-recovery basis, in order to keep the costs affordable to encourage as many people as possible to try this amazing sport.

Currently we run programs offering a range of recreational to more competitive experiences. Our paddling season begins in May and ends mid-September.  All practices are held at Sunnyside Paddling Club (1755 Lakeshore Blvd. West).  We participate in several regattas throughout the season, with each team participating in at least one regatta. We also organize special events such as the “Try Dragon Boating” outreach event and the “Small Boat Experience” club activity.  Please explore our website for more information about our programs.
​The OPS Dragon Boat Club runs several programs as briefly described below.  Please visit each program page for more details.

1. Un-Civil Dragons I (First Half - 7 Weeks)

The Un-Civil Dragons team is a great choice for individuals who want regular practices, and are looking to train to a more competitive level. This team would be ideal for beginning paddlers who are ready to jump in, individuals who have some paddling experience, or for experienced paddlers who want a more competitive training experience. Un-Civil Dragons I + II have the longest season of our teams and participate in 2 regattas. (Paddlers have the option of joining only the first- or second-half of the season.)

2. Star Oars (First Half - 7 weeks)

The Star Oars team is a great choice for individuals who want regular practices, and are looking to train to a competitive level. This team would be ideal for beginning paddlers who are ready to jump in and individuals who have some paddling experience. Star Oars participates in the Hamilton Waterfest regatta.

3. Flying Dutchman (First Half - 7 weeks)

The Flying Dutchman is a short duration program that participates only in the Hamilton Waterfest regatta.  The Flying Dutchman program offers a great opportunity both for paddlers new to the sport and for experienced paddlers with other commitments in the summer.

4. Un-Civil Dragons II (Second Half - 7 weeks)

This second-half team is a continuation of the Un-Civil Dragons I team plus first-half paddlers wishing to continue their season. It also offers a great opportunity for paddlers to continue dragon boat racing in the latter half of the summer, without committing to a longer-term program. Experienced paddlers preferred, as the team will be training intensively for the season-ending, two-day GWN Challenge regatta.

Note: Our programs are driven by our members' needs, so we reserve the right to modify programs depending on demand.
Sept. 2003 - Big smiles all around after winning our final race of the regatta to win the "G" Consolation Final!
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