Star Oars
(June-July, Tue 7:40-8:40pm)

Dry-land intro: May 28 (7:40 pm)
On-water practices: Tuesdays from June 4 - July 2
Our Teams
We have a variety of teams that range from recreational to more competitive experiences. Our paddling season begins in late May and ends early-September.  

All practices are held at Sunnyside Paddling Club (1755 Lakeshore Blvd. West).

We participate in several regattas throughout the season in various cities across Ontario.

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Experience level
2019 Race events
Practice length
Beginner to intermediate
5 weeks
UnCivil Dragons
(July-Sep, Tue 7:40-8:40pm)

Dry-land intro: July 2 (7:40 pm)
On-water practices: Tuesdays from July 9 - Sep 3

Note: this team is intended to train intensively for GWN. The SO and BGB teams are the introductory programs, intended to feed paddlers into more advanced programs.
Baby Got Boat
(June-July, Wed 7:40-8:40pm)

Dry-land intro: May 29 (7:40pm)
On-water practices: Wednesdays from June 5 - July 3
Intermediate +
(Experience required)
9 weeks
Sep 7-8: GWN (Toronto)
Beginner to intermediate
5 weeks
Saturday, July 6: Hamilton
Saturday, July 6: Hamilton
Price: $165
Price: $165
Price: $280